Participate in interior design competitions to gain an education in curiosity and entrepreneurship!

In interior design, creativity is of the essence. CREAD Institut goes beyond teaching theory by allowing its students to participate in different competitions that promote interdisciplinary work among various institutions, apply their skills to specific projects, develop their professional network and get a taste of entrepreneurship.

A competition created in partnership with the architecture magazine l'Arca International

In 2013, CREAD Institut, in partnership with the architecture magazine l'Arca International, made a call for ideas with the theme of an aparthotel suite in two maritime shipping containers. This competition was open to all schools of architecture and interior design in France to start a healthy rivalry between the students of these different institutions and training courses while honouring emotional design.

Campus Création competition

Our students participate in each edition of the Campus Création competition (imagining a fictitious company). They work with the following schools: CPE, ECAM, ECE Lyon, École Centrale de Lyon, EM Lyon, ESDES, IAE, IDRAC, INSA, Institut polytechnique de Lyon, ISARA, ITECH, La Martinière Diderot, Polytech Lyon, Sup de Pub, Université Catholique de Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université de Lyon, Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3 and Université Lumière Lyon 2.

Competitions to stimulate creativity

  • Interior design and general design school competition organised by SAFI
  • French national 'Jeunes Talents' competition organised by the UNAID
  • Design Awards
  • Lyon City Design
  • Competitions in partnership with brands and manufacturers: Barrisol, Kozac, Dacryl, Axor, Kawneer, etc.
  • ...

Thus, throughout their time at CREAD Institut, students of interior design have every opportunity to broaden their horizons well beyond the borders of France.

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