CREAD Institut training, recognised and supported by the UNAID

CREAD Institut is a school of interior design and general design approved by the UNAID.

Patricia Lasserre, as an interior designer, the director of CREAD Institut and the director of the CREAD group, is a member of the French National Union of Interior Designers (UNAID). The UNAID is an employers' union affiliated with the French Building Federation.

Founded in 1978, the UNAID brings together qualified interior design agencies throughout France.

Its mission is to defend and promote interior design professionals who may be self-employed or employed by a company.

The quality of initial training programmes in the profession of interior design is one of the union's major concerns. It recognises four schools in France for the richness and relevance of their educational programme. CREAD Institut is among these schools.

The agreements signed with these institutions establish a dynamic between the school and the UNAID around different lines of work: promotion of internships, speeches by professionals to students, invitation to professional meetings.

Thus CREAD Institut and the UNAID enjoy a real partnership.

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