Study interior design abroad

Studying abroad is a marker of success for our students. CREAD Institut offers internships and semesters of study in Europe and beyond.

Study interior design abroad

CREAD Institut, a signatory to the ERASMUS+ charter

Depuis 2012, CREAD Institut est signataire de la charte universitaire européenne ERASMUS+. Renouvelée en 2014 pour la période 2014-2020, Since 2012, CREAD Institut has been a signatory to the ERASMUS+ European university charter. This charter, renewed in 2014 for 2014-2020, grants students access to other styles of learning. By providing opportunities to study at different European institutions of higher education and to complete internships at different European companies, and by welcoming a new audience and new speakers, the ERASMUS+ programme is a marker of a diversity of quality, an ascent towards autonomy, an increase in skills and a boost in employability.

Our strategy

Interior design is a discipline that requires a perfect mastery of construction and implementation techniques. However, creativity is even more essential. For this reason, interior designers nurture their design culture on a daily basis by observing and analysing their environment. We have always sought to go beyond teaching theory and stimulate curiosity. Students are encouraged to go far and wide to develop their autonomy and professional practice.

Goals of our mobility efforts

  • To increase our students' skills and knowledge, complement their training and allow them to specialise.
  • To help students position themselves with respect to their future professional life: establishments open to the public (ERPs), environmental
  • general design, project management, design for private individuals, bathrooms, kitchens, furniture design, pursuit of studies in architecture, etc.
  • To promote exchanges between students.
  • To promote learning a foreign language.
  • To grant all types of students access to our courses.
  • Personal enrichment: to develop design culture.
  • To expand our address book and promote employability.
  • To ensure that all students, at the end of their course, have had the opportunity to study or complete an internship abroad.

Today we intend to collaborate with our international partners to work on promotion of the profession of interior design, recognition of our profession and reflection on continuous improvement of the education that we provide to foster ever more access to employment. Our participation in the ERASMUS+ programme enables us to continue our efforts to modernise our teaching methods. These teaching methods are meant to be dynamic and open to the changing needs of our profession.

International affairs at CREAD Institut

CREAD Institut actively participates in the ERASMUS+ programme with the following countries: Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Cyprus, the Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Portugal. Our students receive ERASMUS grants as well as Explo'RA Sup grants (awarded by the Rhône-Alpes Region to students registered in programmes of higher education in the region).

These fourth-year students are selected by our partners to complete a semester of studies abroad. They may also complete internships abroad thanks to partnerships signed between the school and numerous prestigious interior design agencies in Europe.

To generate interest in going abroad to complete ERASMUS studies and internships, the school has established week-long training programmes at our partners in London, Florence, Berlin, Spain and elsewhere for an initial training experience in Europe.

A User Experience Design MBA

CREAD is becoming more international and broadening more horizons! 

The "User Experience Design MBA: Needs, innovation and inspiration for creation" is a new training programme of excellence launched by CREAD.

This training programme is aimed at interior designers and Level II or Level I graduates in the professions of architecture, interior design and general design who have achieved a significant level of mastery in their profession and wish to broaden their horizons. The goal of the MBA is to provide students with new sources of inspiration and keys to conquering new markets. Its aspiration is to allow students to develop their strategic and business skills while relying on their emotional intelligence. The MBA includes significant modules allowing students to train in essential approaches to Design Thinking.

The international supervisory team comprises experts from different sectors of interior design, general design, business administration and digital innovation. The MBA allows students to compare their own cultures and techniques to those of other countries through modules and workshops in English. It is a genuine experimental laboratory that opens one's mind to changes in humans and society, for humans and society.

This approach has spurred CREAD on since it was founded.

User Experience Design MBA


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Study interior design abroad
Study interior design abroad
Study interior design abroad
Study interior design abroad
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