Art directors in the field of interior design

Interior designers are true artists who break free of technical constraints and specialise in art coordination for trend agencies or furniture and building product businesses.

The work of art directors

Having an in-depth knowledge of technical and environmental constraints and challenges, art directors break free of them to dedicate themselves to further study of societal challenges, and the artistic sensibilities that stem from them.

Art directors are responsible for the visual and artistic appearance of a creative approach in its entirety. From a simple interior design to an in-depth study of creative and stylistic trends for a style department, they are guarantors of the unifying theme of ideas.

The skills of art directors

Their mission is to present creative projects ideally suited to clients' expectations, transcribed in a brief.
Their creations respect the strategy determined by the client and enhance the client company's message, product or brand.

Art directors may also act as project leaders since they often manage a team of graphic designers, trend-spotters and creative professionals and supervise the client relationship.

They are in charge of the study of social and stylistic trends. Art direction is related to the field of interior design. Art directors contribute a professional eye for trends and how they work:

  • Study of behaviours, cross-cultural design and trend-spotting.
  • Trend management, methodology and creative transcription.
  • Trend management applied to style, merchandising, architecture and design.
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