General designers

Interior designers are genuine experts who adapt and implement their adaptations of the volumes of a site. Their areas of skill include general design, which, as its name suggests, generalises the study of a design and renders it consistent from A to Z until it is brought to fruition.

The work of general designers

The field of action of general designers goes beyond the work of interior design that they carry out and includes each phase of a design.

General design is related to the field of commercial and retail design. It envisages the product and its design, place of production, packaging, graphic and commercial communication, and place of sale (interior design) all at once.

General designers analyse and combine various approaches to interior design — environmental, technological, cultural, human and social — into a comprehensive new approach to a project encompassing everything from idea to user and from design to execution.

The skills of general designers

General designers analyse the programme to establish a design strategy in the general design approach (auditing, reflection and marketing challenges).

They make a diagnosis of the volume to be designed and the client's request. They identify issues related to the place and its purpose, users and environmental impacts.

They prepare specifications for the creation of the design. They organise meetings with their team to share ideas and make creative choices.
They then offer a preliminary study and determine the place's architectural and visual identity: the architectural design with their general design.

Of course, just like "generalist" interior designers, after the feasibility analysis and architectural design phases, general designers also carry out the project coordination and management phases.

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