Interior design project managers

Interior designers are genuine experts who adapt and implement their adaptations of the volumes of a site. Their areas of skill range from design to execution and involve a great deal of field knowledge to successfully supervise a construction site.

In addition, those with a passion for the field specialise in project management, which is key since it represents the execution of the ideas of the interior designer in the pre-project phases. Project managers work in all sectors, including residential architecture, commercial architecture and general design.

The work of project managers

Project managers know how to analyse, understand and decipher the work of interior designers. Furthermore, they are guarantors of the result on the construction site. They ensure that the execution corresponds point by point to the design drafted by the interior designer and approved by the client. 

Project managers may also be requested from the phases of preparation of portfolios of execution plans to the phase of acceptance tests at the construction site.

The skills of project managers

Project managers may:

  • Create a portfolio of execution plans by managing the preparation of comprehensive engineering design studies to enable implementation of future coordination of execution teams
  • Precisely identify technical characteristics of materials (property, implementation)
  • Prepare a precise description of requirements for implementation as well as a tender enquiry.

They are experts in coordination of the construction site.

Consequently, they must:

  • Manage means of coordination, monitoring and planning
  • Choose businesses to carry out works: precisely identify the skills and expertise of the building trades
  • Manage all the phases of a construction site and/or works for an architectural design study
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