Interior designers

Interior designers are genuine experts who adapt and implement their adaptations of the volumes of a site. Their areas of skill include residential architecture, commercial and retail architecture. In retail, they are particularly responsible for developing the general design (from visual identity to layout).

How interior designers work

  • They listen to and analyse the client's wishes, budget, tastes and personality and compare them to the site's technical constraints.
  • They offer suitable ways of laying out and decorating the site with specifications that optimise its functionality.
  • They take environmental challenges into account in their projects (existing BBC and RT 2012 labels; forthcoming RT 2020 label).
  • They prepare the general design from design to execution by drawing on their creative and technical skills (bill of quantities, record of works executed).
  • They perform acceptance tests at the construction site, draft reports and may draft the list of reservations expressed by the client.

Skills of interior designers

Architectural feasibility and design

They offer a preliminary study, draft a list of specifications and identify and execute pre-study phases while respecting the budget set by the client.

Project coordination and management

They offer a general design study (plans, cross-sections, elevations) and requirements for implementation. They lead the construction site while respecting the aesthetic and technical characteristics of materials in the interest of green construction.

They prepare a description and a tender enquiry. They select skilled businesses, coordinate works, plan construction site meetings and monitor and resolve operational difficulties.

The professions and statuses of interior designers

The diploma in interior design, Level II certification, allows our graduates to occupy the following positions:

  • As employees: assistants, associates, design department managers, project leaders
  • As independent contractors: business administrators, self-employed individuals
  • Interior designers at interior design, architecture and decorating firms, as employees or as independent contractors
  • Residential interior designers
  • Bathroom interior designers
  • Kitchen interior designers
  • Service-sector/retail general interior designers
  • Lighting architects
  • Computer graphic designers
  • Art directors
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