Residential interior designers

They build a living environment from the inside.

Residential interior designers listen to, design and organise everything that contributes to well-being and day-to-day pleasure in functional places with harmonious atmospheres.

They are all at once artists, technicians and managers. As they serve as the sole contact for projects, they must demonstrate an excellent command of psychology.

They work on the structure of the building.

Unlike decorators, they also work on the configuration of the built environment, openings, general traffic patterns, extensions and facades. They use their skills to work on structures, enclosures and coverings.

As a result, they must be insured, in particular to cover their 10-year public liability.

Since they stage the immediate surroundings of the individual and the family, all interiors are the focus of their efforts. They work not only on these interiors' architectural layout but also their design, equipment, atmosphere, lighting, materials, colours and textures.

Based on ergonomics designed to create fluid movement, they target the senses of perception, with all the technical means that are constantly being developed.

Their field of action varies widely and includes simple renovation and design as well as rehabilitation, restoration, restructuring and creation of buildings.

Their areas of skill and operation are the same as those of "generalist" interior designers, but they have particular expertise in the field of residential interior design.

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