Requirements for admission to CREAD Institut

The CREAD Institut leadership makes a point of interviewing each candidate for admission. There is no written test. The goal is to assess motivation.

Requirements for admission to CREAD Institut

Requirements and procedure for admission

Requirements :

  • Be under 25 years of age
  • Provide proof of French Baccalauréat (or equivalent), all sections (or Level IV diploma)
  • Submit academic record (marks from 'Seconde' to 'Terminale' or equivalent)
  • Participate in a CREAD Institut open day (optional)
  • Assemble a portfolio to present at the interview
  • Participate in an interview to assess motivation
  • No drawing level is required.

Procedure for admission:

  • Scheduling of an appointment with the school in December or later of the final year ('Terminale' or equivalent)
  • One selection session per week by the educational committee

Gateway admission:

  • The ECTS system offers students with already approved skills in interior design the option of entering the second, third or fourth year directly, with or without bridge coursework, depending on the candidate's background.
  • Procedure: based on an interview to assess motivation with submission of a list of ECTS credits, presentation of a portfolio, examination approving skill sets and approval of candidature by the educational committee.

Admission of international students

  • Requirements: good command of the French language (Level B1)
  • Admission interview with leadership
  • Review of CV, copy of diplomas, portfolio

Admission of ERASMUS students

The first semester of the fourth year is open to ERASMUS students, who must meet the same requirements as international students.

Admission of continuing education trainees — validation of work experience (VAE)

Requirements for admission to CREAD Institut

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